As we in today’s fast moving world, it is where everything have become global and people now move to online shopping more. Not only shopping in today’s world people receive and pay salaries thorough the banking channels therefore, the concept of paper money has lost its meaning and people prefer to use debit and credit cards. As the huge use of banking introduced the concept of Islamic banking is still not clear to most of the Muslims. As banking system work with the concept of the interest that is prohibited in Islam therefore, an Islamic banking is authentic system for Muslims to use the banking system with the specified rules. Following are few of the specialization of the Islamic banking that needs to be learn by the Muslims to make their transitions interest free. The following specialization is purely for the Australian based bank called “Hejaz Financial Services.” Who works as providing the Islamic banking services with the transparent system. 

Islamic Super:

Under Islamic super, they offer pension and retirement fund option where one get hand on these without involvement of any of the interest. The best investment the offer for the retired people as they will receive the monthly income without having any effect of prohibited activities. The best thing about their system is they have transparent source where people can track the investment done by them and how they proceeds with the investment. This factor help Muslims to invest with them in a safe means.

Islamic Finance:

They provide the facility of Islamic finance where people can go for their dream home without feeling worried about the prohibited means. The Islamic finance help Muslims in having their dream home without involvement of any of the interest because at Hejaz they first buy the property then sell it on the required profit only.

Islamic Investment:

The best way to invest money is to invest it at the right place remaining in the boundary of Islam and Islamic requirements. Therefore, Hejaz help their customers in getting hands on the investment of the surplus money in a transparent and natural way where no prohibited action will follow and one can get the return according to the right means.

Moreover, the boom of Islamic banking is still in the process, people need more time to learn, and educate about this system therefore, Hejaz is planning their role in making the banking easy, and Halal for the Muslims live around Australia. As they are following each and ever of their procedure according to the retirement of Islam, they contribute in the goodness for Muslims of Australia. They have maintained website where one can go and check the system through which they work and learn more about the Islamic banking as whole.