The Australian Football League is one of the most foreseen events held annually in Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia. Safe to say, it sends an electrifying wave of exhilaration among the natives. The attendees of this particular event range in positions, although get in sync during the footy season, tangling various ways to back up, rather cheer on their respective teams—one of the approaches being investing in merchandise. There’s multitudinous AFL official merchandise available online, with simple and accessible layouts. The online stores offer an exhibition of relatable garments, with significantly intriguing motifs in favour of the teams. From Brisbane Lions to Richmond Football Club.

 The Richmond Football Club is a professional team, one of the many of the AFL. Locally known as Tigers. They’ve been a part of the AFL since the golden ages when it was known The Victorian Football. Tigers are famously known for their 7 wins in the premiership, 2017 being the most recent witness of their win.

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