A custom ute trays is flat steel, aluminum or alloy tray and it is fixed at the back of the UTE chassis. There are three types of UTE trays that are easily available in the market

• Standard
• Premium
• Custom

All these types of custom ute trays come with a wide range of extra options including toolbox, ladder, racks, accessories, and hardware. The majority of the UTE trays are custom fabricated by using solid materials. Most of the companies fabricate Custom UTE trays Brisbane just according to your description and they make it sure that you like it. After the fabrication, the trays are shot blasted and then powder coating.

Custom design

Custom design UTE is the best among others because they are designed after analyzing your specifications thoroughly, the team of experts sets up several meetings with you to pop out what exactly you want and then they start working on the design. After a day in and out struggle, a perfect design just according to your specifications is made. No matter what size of your chassis is Custom UTE trays will never trouble you and you will never regret to have one attached to your chassis.

How much it cost

The price is depending on the material from which the UTE tray is made of and in which style. Cost also depends on the vendor, if you opt a very high quality and branded vendor than be ready to lose your pocket more. If you choose local vendor than it will be comparatively less costly then the branded one.

• The price of steel trays is starting at $30000.
• Custom UTE trays cost according to the size and material you want

Things to consider

Here are some tips that you can use to fabricate the exact custom UTE tray:


A UTE tray is made from steel, aluminum, and alloy but the choice depends on your business requirements and if you want one for your personal use then, in this case, the choice still depends on your requirements and lifestyles. Let me explain,

• Aluminum trays are light in weight and shoddy in price
• Steel UTE trays are tough and very much strong
Alloy UTE trays seek attention because of its attractive physical appearance

You should opt for the one according to the weight and goods you are going to carry on it.


The UTE tray size depends on the size of your UTE. Apart from that fact, a UTE tray should be large enough to accommodate the load and goods you want to transport with the help of your vehicle, but it should not be too much large, it would be waste of space then, in this case, customized UTE trays are best to get satisfied.


No matter what material and size you are choosing, its quality matters a lot when it comes to making a final selection. The durability of the tray largely depends on the quality of the material you have used in the fabrication process. The quality ensures the long-lasting life spam of the UTE Tray.