The ground screw is the combination of two words one is ground and the other is a screw.The ground screw collectively works to form a foundation. Both collectively work so that they can support the building or the foundation. The ground describes the outer load-bearing, where the screws are responsible for inner load control.


We can install the ground screws by using a variety of ways.

There are some areas where heavy equipment cannot easy to use for the installation. In such an area, we can install the ground screw by using less labour. Given below

  1. By Hand:

It is the simplest technique used for the installation of the ground screw where heavy objects like tractors are not reachable. We use a long pipe. The material used for this process is accessible.

  1. Handheld Rotator:

It is also a device that uses some pipes like tee handle shape. That rotates so that the ground screw can be installed. It is used where heavy devices can’t be used.



The installation process has the same importance for the foundation as well as the design process.

To keep the installation safe and sound. We should consider some points.

  1. Hammer method:

In this method, we make a pile then put a base on it, by striking it as we strike in the wall by hammer to check the ability of the piling contractor, how much load, and bear by it.

  1. By Vibrating:

We used the vibrating method for sandy soil so that we can measure the ability of any pile contractor that it bears to hold the load.

  1. Boring Method:

In pile contracting, the boring method is also used. In this method. We use an initially hollow auger.

In this method, the stemmed auger is rotated into the ground so that it can be reached at the desired location.

After reaching the desired location, we fill the auger with concrete that makes a proper base on which any foundation rests.


Screw anchors give the nail, screw, pipes, a fastener that binds the object in place. These are widely used in the concrete walls, doors, and ceiling. No doubt, the screw anchors based in melbourne remain tight enough in the concrete wall as compared to a weak wooden door. Screw anchors are of many types. A plastic screw anchor can ha a weight of about 25 lb easily.

There are the following steps for the installation of screw anchors:

  1. Drill a hole:

 Drilling a hole in polished concrete is quite easier. In the case of timber, drill the hole on the fixture first and then compare it with the concrete anchor.

  1. Be clean during installation:

When we drill a hole, there is debris found here and here, one should use a compressor, or a vacuum cleaner to clean all the place so that the object remains fixed in the nozzle. Visit here for more details