Good curtains are no doubt are a sign of sophistication and decent house, but that idea of sophistication got upgraded and transformed into blinds and shutters. Yes, these are nowadays, very much in, in the trend. So, why people are replacing curtains. Well, first of all, curtains are not easy to clean. You must take the whole curtain off and then wash it properly. Then, of course, the good quality curtains are expensive and even harder to keep clean as the material might be heavier as compared to the lower quality material.  

You can choose only one between privacy or save electricity and reduce its bill. Yes, either you remove the whole curtain to have the sunlight in or you can cover the window to have privacy. This is, of course, sometimes is very irritating and leaves the person with no choice. Not all types of curtains can help you in every type of climate. Some are of thick material, so they are good for winter. Some are or thin material, so they are good for the summer season to keep the ventilation proper. This means you must keep multiple curtains for different seasons. That means more use of space in the house. Now let’s have looked with what and why you should change your curtains? 

The amazing products you should have in place of curtains are shutters and blinds. What are the reasons? The answer is quite simple. First, you don’t have to keep extra blinds or shutters for different seasons. The way they function makes them usable throughout the year. You do not have to remove them from the window to clean them. You can simply have a wet piece of cloth and clean the blinds with it as they are made of easily cleanable material. So, this is a major plus point. You don’t have to work hard to keep them clean and presentable all the time.  

These are modern and chic. These shutters or blinds give the area an open and relaxed look. So, this is great for small places. Curtains make the room look smaller. Especially if they are in dark colours so, have a light and breathable place by installing shutters. You can have them installed outside the window or just have decent plantation shutters in Newcastle. Then there are rolling blinds as well and if you want to take a step further then have an awning above your doors and windows. These will provide extra shade, protection and privacy.  


You can have all that you want with just one simple, yet amazing thing call shutters or blinds. Have them in your place and have a private, healthy and happy life. For more information, please log on to