Law is a field which not everyone can handle positively and successfully, because it takes a lot to become a professional lawyer, there are numerous stages which a lawyer has to cross in order to reach to a certain spot where they can charge heavy amount and save the day. Being a lawyer is good but the responsibility is too much on the shoulder of a lawyer, because just one wrong turn can bring life to death. Anyways there are some common functions which a lawyer performs and unfortunately he/she is called lawyer no matter whatever he/she do, but in real the concept is different for separate functions there are separate lawyers and they have separate names too, so let’s scroll some unique and less known functions and names of lawyers:

Private sector: there are some professional lawyers who just work for the private firms and organization and not for the government, hence they are highly paid, have strong political and business connections and they fight against the government lawyers and sometimes against the government and this has been studied that a private lawyer earn much more than a public lawyer.

Immigration lawyer: this is something well-known but the name of this lawyer is less known anyways, immigration lawyers are usually paid in foreign currency and they are highly paid too, because  usually they tackle the stalemate conditions, occurs in the duration of immigration process. For instance: proving the relation between the sponsor and the person who has been sponsored, this actually takes a lot more than just few hearings, because this type has to have enough knowledge of legal dos and don’ts of every country (with which they are dealing).

Personal injury lawyer: this is a rare kind, because this type of a lawyer is tricky to find okay! So let’s clarify this that the personal injury legal matters can be sorted out by a normal lawyer too but, the field is different, skillset is entirely different and above all license is totally different from any other lawyer. Personal injury lawyer is a type which has to understand the whole situation plus the circumstances and the extent to which the situation has hurt his/her client mentally and physically because this is tricky and one has to understand the gravity of the situation to make things right.

Toxic tort lawyers: this type of lawyer comes under the category of personal injury lawyers, this is something different and toxic tort lawyer deal with the injuries incurs as a result of exposure to the chemical and toxicants. Anyways, these are different injuries and are totally fatal at times. The mentioned before are some unknown terms which are used for the different fields of lawyers.