There is definitely nothing more special than finding that one person who sees the best in you no matter what and is always there to pick you up at your worst and encourage you further in your strongest moments. And so, deciding to hold on to that one person and proposing to them is only a part of living the beautiful life waiting ahead of you. However, there are certain do’s and don’ts you need to be aware of in the process.

Do test the situation

Look back on how you brought up a proposal to your parents and how you manage to get the outcome you wanted. If you do remember well, then you might probably still recall the process you went through in meticulously planning out your words and reading their moods and the situation. Similarly, when you are bringing up the proposal to your partner make sure that you first read the situation. There is no point in you researching proposal ideas and whatnot if your partner is not ready to take that step in life with you. So pay close attention to their behaviour and try subtlety bring the topic up to find their view on it. 

Do let it be a surprise

Just because you have brought up the topic of marriage and spoken about it, doesn’t mean you have to reveal when exactly you are planning on bringing this up. So do make this a surprise event for your partner. Research on the different engagement proposal ideas and such that you could use to bring this up to your partner and find the ideal one which would work with the two of you. A proposal is obviously a special memory in one’s life, so try to make it as memorable and special as possible rather than something that’s sloppy and messy to even look back on!

Do talk to the parents

Parents are a huge part in your partner’s life and so even if your partner is more than willing to get married to you, the marriage wouldn’t always be complete without the blessings and wishes of the folks. So man up and take the courage to talk to her parents and convince them that you are a worthy man for their daughter.

Don’t do a public show

Even if you are tempted to or you think your partner would love a public proposal, don’t ever make the mistake of doing that. While for most it might work, for the others it could end up backfiring as well. This is a special moment between the two of you, so let it be that day. There is no need to blow things up unnecessarily and increase the chances of getting rejected and embarrassed. So leave the public show idea behind at all costs!

Don’t bury the ring in food

Burying the ring in the food might seem like the biggest surprise especially since it works so well in the movies. But in reality, you could simply end up choking to death. So don’t risk things unwantedly and throw this idea out straight out the door once and for all!

Take the above do’s and don’ts in to account and plan your proposal in the most intimate and meaningful way!