If you feel that your child is facing difficulty in learning, then we recommend you to check if he or she is showing the below symptoms; 

  • Jumping words or phrases  
  • Mixing up letters when spelling something 
  • Facing difficulty in dealing with numbers 
  • Not able to remembers facts  
  • Unable to pay attention towards something specific  

If your child is facing any of the above situations, it means that they need to go learning difficulties assessment in Melbourne in order to find out the status of his learning skills.  

It is highly recommended to undertake an early action and go through the assessment process so that problems are identified at an initial stage and relevant actions are taken in order to eliminate or reduce the risks. Early action is also important so that a child is able to deal with emotional problems in the right manner such as depression or anxiety.  

The next thing one should understand is how does learning difficulties assessment is helpful for a person; 

  • This assessment helps in identifying the exact problems that the person is going through with regards to processing and learning skills. 
  • The level they are at with respect to their academic qualifications. 
  • What are they capable to achieve? 
  • What strategies and processes should they undertake for growth that can help them at school and home. 

One needs to understand that before you label them with any problem or any disease, it is important to undergo a detailed and thorough assessment so that relevant actions can be taken. These actions may be able to help a person that take inform decisions with regards to the education and overall performance of a person.  

The next thing that a person should know is what exactly does a learning difficulty test include; 

  • A detailed and comprehensive review of child’s history is to be reviewed by taking all the information by parents. 
  • Let the child undertake a cognitive and achievement testing for academic and logical reasoning assessment. 
  • All other relevant tests if required which pertain to memory issues and problems that relate to focus and attention. 
  • Some recommendations related to learning for child to follow at school and home. 
  • A though feedback session with the parents which would guide them about all their concerns.  

Hope this detailed information about learning difficulties assessment has provided you with a clarity as to why undergoing such tests is important when you face any symptoms in your child that are stated above. In order to have the best for your child, make sure you are take corrective measures and directives for their progress. For more information, please log on to https://dyslexiasolutions.net.au/adult-dyslexia.html.